PartyBoy Woodz 

Feel good music is like an amplifier; It intensifies every little detail in our lives, in the best way. With the right vibe, it brings people together and connects us on a deeper level with each other. This is the reason why we love going to concerts, dance parties and singing together; We collectively synchronize. Massachusetts native, PartyBoy Woodz, has no problem bringing the crowd to their feet. His music is your personal energy drink with his fueling upbeat tempos.  

Growing up, Woodz felt very connected to Hip-Hop music because of how real and bold it is. Hip-Hop has the intention to get people excited, moving and dancing, which is something Woodz has always enjoyed doing for others ever since his younger years. Being brought up around Reggae also had quite the impact on Woodz because of the chill and carefree vibes carried throughout the music. Having these influences early on in life, Woodz was inspired to create his own music for everybody; Judgement free and encouraging others to to always live in the moment, never taking life for granted. Music has the ability to energize us and impact our mood, performance and wellbeing. Woodz has developed the perfect technique to direct his positive energy into his music to power others.  

PartyBoy Woodz pen game started in his late teen years. Coming up with a really catchy and lyrical hook is an art in and of itself and something that has always came very easy for Woodz. He typically builds a foundation around his catchy hooks and draws inspiration based off how the beat makes him feel and writes accordingly. During his writing process, Woodz is able to capture what he feels at the moment and immerses himself into the music to deliver the positive energy he is feeling, into his listeners. PartyBoy Woodz has learned to go with inspiration, but to never neglect the elements that will make the song the best it can be. 

Starting off his music career in 2009, Woodz and two friends started a music group, called FlyRydaz. This was the start of their creative process within their music journey. They were introduced to many great experiences, such as joining Sam Adams on tour for multiple show dates. Their first touring experience was thrilling but very exhausting for Woodz, as he played both the roll of manager and promoter for their group. This tour gave Woodz a taste of what he was getting into and only pushed him to work harder to achieve more. Performing on stage in front of such a large crowd was a feeling indescribable to Woodz, that he wanted to feel forever! The connection they shared with the audience was a very rewarding and fulfilling group experience that powered them to level up.  

The FlyRydaz have had many great opportunities and they have accomplished much in the past years. Some of their achievements include winning 3rd place for Juicy J’s contest, running up against thousands of competitors with their song “Go Time”, releasing 3 successful projects, all Pop, Hip-Hop and Dubstep, and also performing at Make A Wish Foundation’s benefit concert for the Fallen Soldiers. The benefit concert was held in Tacoma, WA and had a crowd of approximately 10,000 people. With their lengthy set time, they were really able to engage with and interact with the crowd, providing the best experience for everyone. In 2012, Woodz had the honor of having his vocals used on a female European artists, Para’s album. This helped Woodz grow his fan base not only in the US, but especially internationally, which was a great gain.  

As 2013 came along, Woodz decided he needed to focus more on himself as a solo artist and develop his own personal network and fanbase, aside from FlyRydaz. Woodz released his first solo album, “Life Is Ahhh Party” in 2014, which was a collection of Pop/Hip-Hop driven tracks. He placed 1st on & had his music played on ESPN Fight Nights for 8 weeks consecutively! PartyBoy Woodz often performed at the famous FX parties in Foxboro, MA at Gillette Stadium and always had the building turning up! Woodz had the opportunity to open for Machine Gun Kelly which was an amazing experience for him. MGK is one of Woodz favorite artists and they have quite the similar music style, so the fans were really vibing to him!       

For the past years, PartyBoy Woods has been working around the clock on new material, to prove why he’s deserving of a place among the fresh faces ascending into inevitable stardom! Woodz has been steadily working with one of Boston’s greatest DJ’s, DJ Stix & is currently in the process of completing his second solo mixtape, “Party Till Never”, set to release summer of 2018. Woodz sound and stage presence is closely related to artists such as LMFAO,, Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B. and other industry icons! Be sure to check out PartyBoy Woodz latest music on all digital streaming platforms & stay up to date with his next moves. You definitely want to catch a live performance of his, that will leave you with an unforgettable experience and new love for his music.